Our obsession with the horse race has overshadowed how important polls are to the democratic process 
Saturday subscribers-only thread: If you give people money, will they vote for you? Maybe a little!Happy Saturday, subscribers! The fall has arrived here in Northern Virginia and I’m enjoying writing this thread on the airy balcony my wife and…
Studies of surveys with multiple repeat interviews have taken us beyond speculation with cross-sectional polls and geographic observations
Voters care about too many things for "economic populism" alone to remake class politics and save the Democratic Party
Saturday subscribers-only thread on economic populism, the Build Back Better Act, and 2022Happy Saturday, subscribers! Washington is still stuck debating Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and the corresponding reconciliation bill i…
This shoulg be obvious, but polls don't always tell the full story
Because of partisan mega-identities and affective polarization, messaging and position-taking matter much less than they used to
Class polarization is a long-term trend in US politics and abroad. It is rocking our electoral institutions
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