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Hi, I’m G. Elliott Morris, a data-driven journalist for The Economist. I write about polls, politics, and democracy. Here is my first book, on how polls work and why democracy needs them. You can expect a lot of content like this.

When I was still in college in 2015, I started a blog where I applied “data science” and “predictive analytics” to election results and polling data. I called it The Crosstab. It was a good home for all my writing, but it was a bit too wonky, and I’ve outgrown the name. I also tended to neglect it since getting my staff job at The Economist.

But now I really miss blogging. It’s freeing to be able to write about whatever you want, no matter the newsiness or structure of your thoughts. So I started this newsletter. My goal is to write each post in a way that puts it somewhere between wonky shop-talk and a publishable article. It’s a place for me to work with the garage door open; so that Internet neighbours can look in at my work as they walk by.

I have restarted my blog on Substack because email is more personal. Not only will you get blog posts in your inbox, where you get messages from your friends and family, but I also get to hear back from readers after I send out posts. The comments section is regularly home to fun, insightful discussion. In a world where our blogish thoughts are otherwise tweeted and facebooked, where they are truncated, fleeting, and at risk of being taken out of context, newsletters feel like a good step back to bring us back towards a time when everyone had their own little personal corner of the Internet.

Subscribers to my newsletter will get a few posts on public opinion polling, electoral politics, and whatever I’m working on every week. There are book reviews, short posts, and long-form articles. I also post abstracts from my book here from time to time.

I send out a weekly email for free each Sunday — or you can subscribe to a paid version of this newsletter for more frequent updates, which costs $5 per month.

Here’s one example of what you can expect, from my newsletter sent the day before the 2018 midterm elections. Other examples are found back at the newsletter homepage. And here is the post announcing I was beginning to write a book.

If you like the sound of this but aren’t about a paid subscription, email me and we’ll work out a deal.


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