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Hi, I’m G Elliott Morris (but my friends just call me Elliott).

I’m the “Editorial Director of Data Analytics” — a very fancy title that really just means I do journalism with data and applied statistics — at ABC News and the author of Strength in Numbers, a book about how public opinion polling works and how it helps the people get what they want out of democracy.

Most of my journalistic output revolves around the general themes of how voters behave, what they think about politics, and what they want from government. As a quantitative way into these stories, I do a lot of poll aggregation and election forecasting, as well as survey analysis.

This blog/newsletter is a way for me to send out occasional updates on what I’m thinking about and working on, be it the latest project we’re publishing at ABC or a new book project I’m pursuing. I like to attach recent articles I’ve written and add some notes on context or framing, or address recent discourses about polling, democracy, etc.I publish new posts here roughly weekly. If I’m going to do anything at a higher frequency I soft-publish it to the web only so I don’t clog your inbox.

You can get in contact with me via my website or my Twitter/X account. I don’t post much there but until another website launches direct messages, I’ll stay.

Last edited Jan 2024.

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i am a data-driven journalist and author of the book STRENGTH IN NUMBERS writing primarily about politics, public opinion polling, elections and democracy.