I was in Salt Lake City this week to promote my book — which will soon be available for pre-orders!
Not a lot of hope, to be sure, but more
There are separate inflections in partisanship after both Obama's and Trump's elections. Are we due for another?
Wisconsin Republicans, who hold a supermajority of legislative seats despite winning only a small majority of votes, are setting the stage to overturn …
A new study from the Pew Research Center is a useful reminder that we contain multitudes
The American people overwhelmingly think the social media and big-tech giant is bad for our society
Voters give the president and his party even poorer marks on other salient issues, such as the economy, public spending, and immigration
Saturday subscribers-only thread: closing thoughts on the elections in Virginia and New JerseyHappy Saturday! I spent the morning thinking over the broader news coverage of this Tuesday’s elections, particularly in Virginia. I have a few …
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