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You know, the other side has guns and wants to use them. We don't. If the GOP wins the midterms their rank and file will increase the domestic violence. If the GOP loses the midterms their rank and file will increase the domestic violence. As 2024 approaches, their rank and file will increase the violence. Please understand this. They are armed and eager. We aren't. We want to win the midterms and we have to know that more violence is ensuing. That said, we need to win the governorships and Senate seats of 8 states - Wisconsin, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. To win those states we need to understand the electorate. In Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, people of color are a minority, and non-college whites are a majority. Therefore, in those states, the GOP will be talking about the stolen election, critical race theory, mask mandates - and it's all a freebie for them. Look at what just happened in Virginia. Not only did Youngkin win Virginia on those ideas, scaring people, critical race theory wasn't even taught in Virginia. As soon as he trashed mask mandates and parents started to rebel, some suburban white woman got up in a public meeting and announced to the world that she would bring her guns locked and loaded to school if her kids were required to wear masks. She had to walk it back because she was recorded and drowned by a million critics on Twitter. Also she's got a criminal charge for threatening violence on school property. So Twitter - that's where we have to fight. People in mainstream America don't give a damn about the attempted coup anymore. They also don't realize that we are headed into a shooting a day world. They aren't progressives - maybe 6% of the US public thinks they're progressives - and they aren't aware of what's coming. I repeat, passports.

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