Hi Elliott,

I wonder if there will be two different "countries" in the U.S., one with states that have social rights and one with states where there are limited social rights. Our economy will still be linked, but states would be radically different. That might not be enough for conservatives, McConnell said it's possible that Congress could ban abortion federally. So much for "States' rights". If this is the direction we're headed, tyranny of the minority will become the norm, and eventually we'll reach a breaking point for the majority. I don't know what that means...



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Thanks, Elliott. A related question is how did the Democrats become so lame? It was in 1983 that Congressman Tony Coelho convinced the Democratic Party to go after business funding, and he succeeded. What events caused the Democratic Party to become ineffectual? What can change that flacidity to strength? And more immediately, do you have your passports up to date? To what countries are people going to flee?

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