Georgia runoff results thread — early returns are good for the Democrats

As I write this, the New York Times live forecast needles show the Democrats as slight favorites to win both of the runoff Senate races in Georgia. Things look a bit better for them than the general election results, but maybe a bit more Republican than the polls suggested.

So far, counties that have fully reported are on average three points more Democratic than the presidential election results in those counties. These counties aren’t representative of Georgia as a whole, though; something surprising could happen in Atlanta.

Needles (get it?) to say, Democrats aren’t all the way home yet, but this is looking good for them so far.

Join me here (and not on Twitter) to chat about the results as the rest roll in.

EDIT: This looks over to me, folks, so I’m abandoning the thread. Thanks to all who participated! I’m leaving the comments unlocked so y’all can still chat, but won’t be coming back regularly anymore.